To facilitate capacity building in our communities to sustain a sport, culture, and recreation delivery system that enhances the quality of life of the people within our District.

Citizens live active, creative, healthy lifestyles through engagement in sport, culture and recreation.


Effective partnerships and collaborations that are mutually beneficial

Meaningful youth and community engagement

Understanding of and respect for our communities

Sharing innovation and best practices

Nurturing organic, sustainable community and district development

Effective communication

Volunteerism that is inclusive, provides meaningful opportunities, and encourages involvement

Diversity of experience, abilities, opinions, and traditions

Accountability and transparency to our stakeholders

Our Mandate
The District will be a leader in facilitating Community Development through sport, culture and recreation for and with the communities within our jurisdiction.


Map of Lakeland District


Prince Albert, SK: (306) 953-1623 | Naicam, SK: (306) 874-1112

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