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To facilitate capacity building that sustains sport, culture and recreation and enhances the quality of life of people within our communities.


Everyone lives active, creative, healthy lifestyles through engagement in accessible sport, culture and recreation.


Equity: Recognizing diversity, providing resources everyone needs to be successful, and creating accessible and inclusive communities.


Accountability: Creating trust, transparency and confidence in the operation of the organization and the services that we provide.


Community: Supporting communities, partnerships, volunteers and organizations in providing sport, culture and recreation.


Engagement: Utilizing effective communication, diverse boards, volunteers, education, capacity building and programs and services for all.


Leadership: That supports best practices, professional development and further develops the community.


Wellness: Promoting physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, holistic, social and environmental well-being.


Reconciliation: Recognizing the role of Treaty implementation and creating a new, shared future for our communities

Our Mandate
The District will be a leader in facilitating Community Development through sport, culture and recreation for and with the communities within our jurisdiction.

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