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Sat, Mar 17, 2018

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SPRA's Take the Lead is an initiative focused on fostering leadership skills in youth aged 11-14.

Take the Lead!® enables youth to plan, deliver and participate in regular active play opportunities. The Youth Leaders participate in a mandatory workshop that helps them develop the necessary skills to successfully run the program. Modules are designed around: Communication, Leadership, Respect, Inclusion, Healthy Living, as well as Program Planning. Through utilizing Take the Lead!® resources and training, youth can ensure they are successful in providing a safe, inclusive environment for their peers to enjoy physical activity.

Adults within the community have an opportunity to become Leadership Coaches who mentor the young leaders as they strive to provide healthy, developmentally appropriate and safe active play opportunities for their peers.

  • Take the Lead!® Leadership Coach Workshop: This full day interactive workshop will train adults with the skills necessary to support and assist the Youth Leaders to successfully deliver the Take the Lead!® program in their school and community
  • Take the Lead!® Youth Leadership Workshop: This full day workshop is designed so the Youth Leaders “learn by doing”. Youth Leaders are introduced to leadership skills through an interactive workshop that trains them to facilitate active play opportunities for their school/community. . 
  • Take the Lead!® Midterm Training: This full day event is designed to give the youth leaders a chance to revisit and evaluate the programs they have been running.  This allows the youth to focus on team building, confidence building and reinforcing their engagement in the program.

Visit the SPRA Take the Lead!® website for more information, or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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