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Sun, Feb 25, 2018

Lakeland District for Sport, Culture & Recreation offers Grant Writing Workshops to our communities and has developed a manual, A Guide to Effective Proposal Writing, for community organizations, as well as directors, managers and leaders in the district.  Originally conceived as a companion resource for our Grant Writing Workshops, this manual has evolved into a resource tool for district members to use on its own. It provides guidance and tools that will help you to choose appropriate funding agencies and offer a process whereby you can proceed in writing your proposals with confidence.

Fundraising is a necessary part of non-profit and community organizations in Saskatchewan. We hope the use of this guide will be useful and motivating to those of you who are trying to raise funds for your projects. This workbook is an easy-to-use guide and skill-building tool for those who must deal with the complex task of developing funding proposals.

The Lakeland District for Sport, Culture & Recreation is grateful to SaskCulture for the generous support in helping us build this most essential maual for the non-profit and community sector.

Guide to Effective Proposal Writing

Proposal Writing Worksheets

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